We help people find things

fit to the style of living


As a shopper, we’re naturally curious about inundated offerings of new products and experiences – it’s how we grow and learn. But our resources are limited.
That is why we are here.


At STRIM, you get refreshing and engaging look of new experiences. Straighten your thinking when you're evaluating new stuff.

Buy Smart

Choose Right

Stay Informed

Discover Your Thing 

We appreciate the multi-dimensional striving for better consumption.

Good life used to be defined in terms of conventional wisdom: luxury houses, fancy cars, and mass produced products at every household. More stuff meant better living. However, we don’t just buy goods anymore. We purchase the ideology and culture that represent us. 

We want the rare things even if it requires effort to seek out the inventory. We may not own a house, but we can always have home in France anytime through Airbnb. Uber is our car. We choose culinary pleasure over standardized taste. Hand crafted goods are better than machine-made homogeneous ones.

That's why we're here.

We offer accessible hang-out space for your cosmopolitan codes. You discover unknown cultural value for your favorite brands. You will be delighted in discussing every touchpoint of things with enlightened members from packaging, price, material, function, artisan spirit, durability, societal and economic impact, or ideology to convey your cultural capital. We value your inquisitive ideas. We help each other reframe our staples and savor cultural experiences.

Shopping is a statement on who you are and how you live.

Your expression can influence and advance us better living.

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β“’ STRIM 2020. Our mission is to help you find things fit to the style of living.

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